My adventures

As 2016 is coming to and end it’s time I reflect on the year I’ve had . Several trips later , many experiences which I will have for the rest of my life and the amazing people I’ve met along the way ,it’s a been truly an amazing year.  Alot of places on this list I’ve been too this year don’t get the credit they deserve, with beautiful places in the most unusual places. Through my photography this is what I’ve been up too.


My experience in Austria

Over the past year I’ve managed to experience a country which is almost forgotten to alot of people. It’s one of the countries which doesn’t seem to get the credit it truly deserves. Throughout the beautiful, expansive mountainscapes to the petite unique towns full of culture and life. To the sprawling city of Saltzburg the home of Mozart and music with picturesque views all around . Here’s what I manged to capture….